Technology evolves. Perhaps a client may want the challenge of creating their own website. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes, well, it’s not. I consult on a variety of projects including DIY.

Artwork cartoon by Susan Barry

Artwork cartoon by Susan Barry

Here's a list of what services are offered.

Services provided are print and web design using WordPress and HTML practices. Search engine optimization and website security including SSL certificates.

Advertising & Promotions

  • Media planning, ad design and placement
  • Printed materials such as press releases, bios, and other types of copy writing

Business & Other Endeavors

  • logos
  • business cards
  • newsletters
  • flyers
  • menus
  • brochures
  • postcards
  • stationary
  • business forms

Web Design

  • Website development using WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS practices
  • Maintenance
  • Remodels
  • Ecommerce
  • SSL and other security measures
  • Search engine optimization
  • Help with securing your personal or business domain name
  • Help with a secure hosting server for your website


Communication in creating your project is first and foremost. So, whether it's something you want me to do or you want to do-it-yourself, let's talk. Sometimes, bouncing ideas around can curtail disasters or give you ideas you might not have thought about.

Consulting and Discussions

Consulting and Discussion

Listening can sometimes be a lost 'art'. For over 20 years experience (oops, is my age...I mean, maturity showing?), I've worked to make sure that whatever the discussion is about, I listen...then respond, ask questions and listen again. (Oh, and take lots of notes!) At the conclusion of our discussion, hopefully, we both come away with a better understanding of what the project is about and what is expected.

Whether I work on your project or you just want advice so the you can do it yourself...let's discuss it. I can either work up a custom project quote or consult where I charge by the hour.

Interested in knowing more?

Contact me. Lets discuss what you have in mind and see if we can work it out together.